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Providing Everything You Need

Image by Caleb Ruiter


Exclusive Wheel & Tyre Distributors is equipped to supply customers with
a wider range of wheel and tyre products across more markets. Exclusive Wheel & Tyre Distributors employ a hybrid distribution strategy which consists
of our own logistics eet that enables us access to all parts of the country and ensure
optimal lead times on deliveries.

World Class Quality & Service

Distinctive quality is what denes, characterizes and supports our brands. Furthermore our
quality is exhibited in many other ways, by selling and supporting products and services that
delight customers, creates an environment for employees to thrive and puts us ahead in the
market place.

Image by Cytonn Photography
Image by Luke Southern

Management & Expertise

Exclusive Wheel & Tyre Distributors is managed by a dynamic management team
who together posses a wealth of experience within the tyre industry and business
as a whole who together have over 60 years experience in the tyre industry.

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